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Meet Jesus
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It may surprise you, but we see our relationship with Christ as something very unique. If you are intrested in what it means to be a Christian, then by all means click here for more information.

Braille Bible

Download the braille Bible and much more for your notetaker or braille device!

New Christians
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Once you have made Jesus Christ Lord, your life is going to change and this section will help get you started. Even if you are not a "New Christian" you may find some good information for mentoring and directing those "babes in Christ" you do know. Click here to continue.

Praying Hands

Click here to read the latest Bibles for the Blind Newsletter.

Hello I'm Keith Reedy
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Click here to read more about the director of Bibles For The Blind, Keith Reedy, and hear his story on UNSHACKLED!

Keith Reedy's Music
Keith Reedy's Music

Click here to purchase Keith's music on CD.


We can help you!

How to get a braille Bible

Christian resources for the Blind

Braille Ready Files of Bible Text to Download

Bibles for the Blind and Visually Handicapped International, has made the following BRF files, the same files we use to reproduce hard copy braille available for free download.
These files may be used for those with braille displays, text to speech devices, or, for reprint to be distributed free of charge to those who receive them.
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Braille Hymnal Now Available for a Limited Time

Soul Stirring Songs and Hymns from Sword of the Lord Publishers in Murfreesboro, Tennessee is now available in four volumes in braille or to be downloaded for your portable braille device.
Click Here To download Souls Stirring Songs and Hymns for your portable braille device.
Click Here To request Soul Stirring Songs and Hymns in hard-copy braille.

My Utmost for His Highest, now back in production!

My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers the most widely read devotional of all time is now available in braille for a limited time from Bibles for the Blind. My Utmost is a “perpetual” devotional—meant to be used year after year with 365 daily readings that challenge you to draw closer to God every day.
Click Here to get your copy

Video Tour

Click here for a video tour of Bibles for the Blind

Evangelism Tools

Click here for Braille and Large Print tracts, Tactile Wordless Book Bracelets, and more.

A note to the sighted

This is one of our more popular areas. Here you'll find some points of course, we hope will help you feel more at ease when you interact with a blind person. And if you have questions about interacting with anyone blind, please email us. Like anyone, we who are blind, want you to have a normal friendship with us, and if you don't feel comfortable asking your blind friend, then we think this area will help you a lot. Continue here...

Friends of Bibles for the Blind

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Click here to get a braille Bible for you or someone else.

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