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These files may be used for those with braille displays, text to speech devices, or, for reprint to be distributed free of charge to those who receive them.

These files may not be reproduced for sale in any form, neither for retail, wholesale, or, implied cost.

The construction and preparation of these files remain the intellectual property of Bibles for the Blind and Visually Handicapped International and must remain free.

See a list of Downloadable BRF files below.

Braille Files In Espanol

Where are you going to spend eternity?
Las Palabras de Vida Testamento Nuevo
Las Palabras de Vida Testamento Viejo
Testamento Nuevo Volume1 Mateo1 Marcos8
Testamento Nuevo Volume2 Marcos9 Lucas22
Testamento Nuevo Volume3 Lucas23 hechos10
Testamento Nuevo Volume4 Hecos11 1Corintios9
Testamento Nuevo Volume5 1Corintios10 2 Timoteo
Testamento Nuevo Volume6 Tito Apcalipsis

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